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„ The farther away from the mind we are, the more creative we are ”


Have you exhausted the potential succes of your markets? Or do your products and services lack innovation? Or perhaps, you’re looking for new ways to approach differnet markets with product variations and/or innovations? New technologies suffocate the creativity and with it the passion and power of the motivated employee. Innovative companies keep the ball when they listen to their employees, encourage creativity and develop cooperative innovation!

This is where we develop the future. A creative spirit allows us to develop new ideas, to lead a business with heart, to newly arrange our professional life & become truly goal-oriented. Creative pioneers are needed in all areas of the company, especially in the management of people and companies.

Creativity = liberated intelligence that works when the mind is allowed to play outside the conditioned!

Through our Product & Market Innovation Workshops we use the ” Flow Method ” to develop extraordinary solutions, ideas & concepts based on the knowledge and collective creativity & experiences of many stakeholder groups. Everyone’s views and ideas are involved in identifying a solution. This method is ideal for new people & teams meeting for the first time. Those teams that want to create a “new experience” together with a creative spirit.


Workshop: Creative Innovation ” The Emergence of the NEW”


  • Tendering of the problem definition in the entire company, including partners & customers
  • Casting of potential visionaries & creative participants internally & externally for knowledge & social competence
  • Collecting & visualizing ideas for the further development of the “New”
  • Creative workshop in “Flow Design” for the development of creative ideas and innovation
  • Identifying and assembling teams and visionaries responsible for implementation based on ” values” and social competence
  • Planning & integration of innovation into the organisation
  • Systemic constellations to explore and test options, ideas, values, partners & conflicts


The innovation project is ideally suited for large groups. There are at least two facilitators involved, including Dr. Andreas Gutjahr, facilitator and holacratie pioneer in Germany & co-author of the book ” Co-Create”, which has further developed the ” Flow Method”.

The Creativity & Innovation workshop can be undertaken in English, German, French or Spanish and in most parts of the world (as required)

Please contact me if you have any questions and to discuss tailor made Innovation workshops.

Contact: Victoria Hess, or by phone ( Switzerland) +41 76 778 5700

I look forward to your enquiry and wishes!

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