Mindfulness and Presence


„ To find the wonder of silence and presence is the highest thing that man can achieve. (Goethe) ”


Presence & Mindfulness is a vital elixir and the key to intuition. In silence we are connected with our inner self.

In the mindfulness & presence seminars clients experience time & environment from a new perspective and most importantly begin to experience themselves anew. They learn to listen a little more closely, to pause and to decelerate. They strengthen their inner self in order to make decisions out of calmness can make clear decisions and stays in his inner center even in stress, at increased work performance and in pressure situations.

Through presence the body & mind can provide high performance and it is the basis for creativity.
Mindfulness is purely a matter of practice and can be integrated into the day through daily small exercises. The impact is enormous!


Workshop: Mindfulness & Presence

  • Mindfulness & presence; theory, value & tips for daily use in everyday life & integration into the business life
  • Observe own thinking  processes and no longer be trapped and defined by the conditioned mind
  • Feeling yourself & perceiving your presence
  • Presence: Leaving the thought process – out of mind – without thinking conceptual
  • Experience silence & creativity
  • Simplicity & conscious experience
  • Energy Collection & Centering
  • Integrating exercises into everyday life & the business world
  • The Presence Seminar can be optionally organized for 1/2, 1  or 2 days and is conducted by two trainers in a combination with  teambuilding, burnout or leadership training.
  • The Presence & Mindfulness Seminar can be held in English & German and worldwide.

Please contact me for further questions or requests.

Contact: Victoria Hess, mail@victoriahess.com 

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