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MBA – Management & Controlling

Master – Mindset & Systemic Constellation Coach

Master – Systemic Business & Management Coach


„The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why…”

Mark Twain

I was only 14 years of age when I first realised my vision to become a management consultant! I had no idea how this was going to work out or what path I needed to take, and yet it was the beginning of an unorthodox career which has included many wanted and unwanted “teachers” along the way. Thanks to my cosmopolitan upbringing, born 1975 , I grew up surrounded by an array of different cultural influencers – from Europe to Africa to Latin America and was lucky enough to be fluent in four languages at a early stage. I have also spent time traveling across the globe where I have had the opportunity to get under the skin of different cultures and understand what makes them tick. 
With clear goals to become a management consultant, I set my sites on studying Business Administration and graduated with an MBA. I worked my entire studies at Foot Locker (Sport Retail) as a sales consultant and later as a sales trainer. At night I worked as a bartender and during the semester break as a youth camp leader.
My path to management was sealed with a successful 15 years in a leading global healthcare company (Roche). During this time I undertook various international global marketing & leadership roles which gave me a lot of satisfaction and experience. A assignment in Latin America to establish the marketing function for Central America & the Caribbean was perhaps my most culturally challenging experience, and I learnt how to deal successfully with people and businesses in a foreign culture.
The big turning point came for me unexpectedly; after an incident  a “new inner program” had appeared in me. I decided to “live” but under different conditions and with a new meaning & sense to me. The consequences were far reaching and everything that had existed in my life to that point broke away, I was able to shed old beliefs and behaviours so that new onescould develop. This was the acknowledging of a burnout and the beginning of a deep transformational process and self-clearance.
Following on from this chalIenging ear of my life, I I took a sabaticall and completed an intensive 2-year training programme as a constellation facilitator, presence & mindset trainer and consultant for systemic organisational development.
Today I am an expert for consciousness/mindset  and potential development. I take people where they are and I enjoy working in the areas of agile transformation, team development, sense finding, boreout & burnout, organizational constellation and leadership development in companies with the focus and approach on the HUMAN and MINDSET within the company.

As an expert for Consciousness – Mindset & Potential development

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