As Consultant & Coach

„ Passion is Power ”

In my work I inspire people and teams to find their own path and unlock their inner potential and strength. I do this by both uncovering their hidden talents and by activating those skillsets.

My work is designed to be value-oriented with systemic constellation methods. I analyze and solve disorders in the organizational system and supervise change management processes.

This means that organizations and their employees are committed to jointly work out what issues, patterns, values, beliefs & potentials exist in the unconscious mindset of the individual and collective. Because only when we are aware, we accept, trust, change and develop new ways.

Based on the findings, we jointly develop new appreciative options for action and bring out the individual & the potential of the individual and the team, in order to strengthen their capabilities and to design the future with passion in a goal-oriented manner.

I am a highly experienced professional with a strong background in management & innovation. My focus and dedication is to the humans and the mindset in organizations.

My vision & passion is about making individuals & teams happy again at work in a new conscious organizational environment.

My promise ” I bring people sustainable results for their problems and desires! “

Please feel free to contact me for further questions, advice and workshops tailored to your needs.

l am looking forward to your enquiry & wishes!


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