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“The solution is never on the problem level, its much deeper in the systemic unknown”

What are organizational and business constellations?

Organizational & Business constellations are a high art method, invented in Germany to see on another level” under the iceberg” the full picture of any situation in a very short time (1-2 hours).

They are based on family constellation and are the most efficient method to analyze complex systemic problems in the unknown of a business, organization or personal issue to be solved.

You get insights which enables you to find the original source of the problem, pattern or disorder.  Once found the root cause of the systemic disorder new solutions can be testet and implemented.

Organizational constellations are particularly suitable for all problem situations that appear “chronic” and have no traceable cause.

What can constellations be used for?

Business constellations can be used to analyze, clarify and to solve any organizational or business issue:

  • Organisational disorders, patterns and conflicts in projects, teams, relationships, leadership, communication, human resource,…
  • Problems with products, business development & innovation, production, sales, customer, money, marketing, finance, supply chain, fluctuation, demotivation
  • Symptoms of fluctuation, demotivation, bulling, power games, burnout, mistakes, self-devaluation, self criticism, self-doubt
  • Guidance for your vision, corporate governance, company success, product innovation, customer satisfaction, partnerships (merges), investment, acquisition,
  • Testing the effects of changes (structure, projects, outsourcing, staffing, product portfolio, customer segments, strategies, etc.)
  • Find out the right fit for your organization and test HR placement for new hires and positions of executives & employees
  • Test leadership capability of candidate and fit into the team and to upper management
  • Guidance for company re-organization, new structures, teams, processes and new positions

What`s the benefit of an organizational and business constellations?

The constellation is a highly effective tool for value-free and objective consulting of your company.

My goal is to demonstrate behavioral patterns through systemic constellations and unleash the potential of the organization so that it can tap into its authentic power. In organisational constellations, the tensions, conflicts and energy-sapping connections within an organisation or team become visible.

I make issues and potentials conscious, so that new solutions, structures, values, ideas and a common vision or reorientation can develop.

In organisational constellations, the tensions, conflicts and energy-sapping connections within an organization or team become visible.

I make issues and potentials conscious, so that new solutions, structures, values, ideas and a common vision or reorientation can develop.

How does a constellation work?

The Systemic Organizational Constellation is a method in which the relationship pattern and the relationship structure of a system in the overall context (organization, department, team, group, company, etc ) is visualized by representatives in the room to look at the symptoms and problems occurring in order to re-establish order in the system.
In these systems the individual parts of the system are in a multi-layered, uninterrupted interaction, which is regulated by the conditions of order, belonging and the balance of give and take. Violation of this condition leads to disturbances that occur as a reaction anywhere in the system.
By the representatives who represent the system parts, the problem structure is made transparent on another level than the familiar linguistic one and opens possible solution and change steps visibly, perceptibly and audibly. However, there is also the possibility to consider abstract elements (e.g. tasks, goals, decision alternatives etc.) in the system.

Constellation Workshop

Im a highly experienced facilitator and have undertaken more than Thousand constellations.  I have a strong business background (MBA) with a career in global management and Im combining both, constellation and business experience for an outstanding consulting.

During workshops I make you aware of the subsequent problems and patterns. The goal is to empower leadership /managers in recognizing the patterns, as well as identifying the cause of the problem under the iceberg, either together as a team or in private.

Based on this knowledge, we then work together to develop new, appreciative options for action and create the individual and team potential to strengthen it and shape the future with passion.

  • Business constellations & organizational consulting to identify new options & pathways
  • Systemic constellation of the organization, department or project team to:
    • Support & evaluation of strategies, ideas, goals, decisions, change processes or any organizational development topics
    • Identify relationships & uncover hidden causes of conflicts in the organizational system between employees, departments, customers, product, finances, management, superiors, sales, partners, markets, material flow, etc.
  • Perception and awareness of the deeper causes, beliefs, behavioral patterns & strategies in the organisational system
  • Integration/ resolution of identified conflicts & the development of new options for action
  •  to review new business, organisational or HR options for action
  • … and much more according to need, depth & objectives.

Duration – Language – Location

The duration is individually arranged. I recommend a duration of up to 1 day to ensure the sustainability of the consulting.

They take place in the company or outside the company, in a protected environment with people as representatives or online via Zoom.

The constellation & organization consultation can be undertaken in English, German, French or Spanish.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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