“Values, Team & Vision”

The success of a company depends to a large extend on the lived employee values, its vision and on the extend to which this vision is implemented in the company. Joint team values are AND a clear vision are the magic enabler for motivation and organizational success.

The clearer the company’s vision of the future is and the stronger the employees of a company share and live this vision and values, the stronger the motivation of each individual is and the stronger the company management can rely on achieving this vision of the future.

If there is no clear vision of the future and everyone has their own idea of where they want to go, the forces disperse and although the employees and managers make a sincere effort to achieve any goals, it is very possible that everyone is heading in different directions. This leads to communication problems, confusion, displeasure, resignation. the energy of the company is paralyzed & diminishing. It is like a river that loses its power because it flows in all directions.

“If you bring the employees into intrinsic action, you will set forces & passion in motion”

Organizational Check

  • Can the employee values be lived and what are the team values?
  • Are the individual work values matching with the teamwork values?
  • Is there a clear & inspiring vision in your team and organization?
  • Can you identify with the vision and  live your values by following the vision?
  • Is the vision known to everyone, future oriented and is it supported by everyone?
  • Would you like your employees to return to work with meaning, trust  and motivated?

This requires a rethink in the management of employees and value-oriented work in order to mobilize passion, creativity and innovation guided by a strong vision. In workshops we elaborate a way to realize your vision and a motivated team. Employees are heard, valued and involved in shaping their future. The aim is to create something new and to dissolve blocking structures through own knowledge and awareness. When the way itself is developed by employees and teams, the foundation is laid for a successful implementation.

“If you want to build a ship, don’t round up people to get wood, assign tasks and divide up work, but rather teach people the desire for the vast, endless sea”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Workshop Summary: Values,Team & Vision

  • Analyzing the conscious & unconscious conflict root cause in the team / organization
  • Elaborating the status quo of the team situation and team / organizational “vision” 
  • Making people aware of their individual values, needs and what motivates them going to work
  • Elaboration of common team values, defining needs and actions to enable team motivation
  • Development of a common and inspiring vision through creative processes

Duration – Language – Location

The duration is individually arranged and starts with a half day workshop up to a 2 day event at your site of choice.

My customs tailored workshops can be undertaken in English, German, French or Spanish and in most parts of the world.

Please contact me if you have any questions or for a free orientationally talk .

Contact: Victoria Hess, mail@victoriahess.com

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