Burnout & Boreout


„ Burnout = Soul attack”


People who suffer from burnout are people who give everything. They try to do justice to everything. Who want to give a thousand percent everywhere. You want to be good fathers, good mothers, good employees & partners. They give everything to the outside and they try to function as well as possible and lose themselves. Being more on the outside than on the inside, they separate themselves from the source of their self.

Those who have burned too much of their own energy and no longer comply because they are not connected to their source are exhausted. The meaning of what they do gets completely lost.

“Burnout =  loss of meaning desease “

When the soul no longer wants and the mind reaches its limits with the specially developed compensation strategies, then it expresses itself through the body and a complete state of exhaustion occurs. Burnout is a modern term that has emerged in the business world. Burnout arises in a creeping process that builds up over many years without us realizing it or wanting to admit it. We function, run on a hamster wheel and are driven by our own patterns.

Boreout is the parallel counterpart to burnout, characterized by a similar outcome. It is like a “voltage drop in the network” due to a lack of identification with work. Affected people feel frustrated and dissatisfied because they lack recognition. Those affected have lost the meaning of “giving”. However, those affected hide their qualitative & quantitative underchallenging. You spend a lot of energy with different strategies to cover up your underemployment and underchallenge in front of colleagues & superiors and burn out slowly. Among other things, you are afraid of not having a job and run away from your own fear. A “path of motivation” is like glue. The solution would be “towards motivation” in fulfilment and one’s own potential.

One reason for this can be the wrong choice of job & profession. Employees do something, but the meaning of “serving” in a community has been lost to you because you have lost the reference that you are profitable for something and have something to give. You see the task of fulfilling an activity to earn money, to accumulate assets, status and consumption to know. However, they “only work” and you lack any orientation & passion. You have learned socially ” I have to work to earn money to live my life”. People who lack a connection to what they do often distinguish between work/life balance. Free time gets a higher value than working time. Whoever divides his life in this way often loses the sense of meaning in his life.

People are already educated to function and they are subjected to the pressure of consumer-rich living. Consumption in relation to goods and entertainment offers. The human being is overwhelmed and loses the relationship to his or her own needs. If emptiness never arises, one’s own need cannot be felt (“What am I enjoying, what is my potential & real career aspiration”) and the satisfaction of the need cannot be felt. A frustration arises in the individual which then leads to an overload, to an uneasiness or to the fact that the human being dreams away. Here it is important again to find ways to center oneself, to give oneself in the sense of life and to be able to lead more and more a self-determined life.

Another reason for boreout can be a lack of corporate culture. What is needed here is a new form of encounter and the actual appreciation and recognition for oneself and others at all levels. The solution would be if every employee recognizes that he or she is in his or her position to bring something good to the business community and to feel in it the service that makes sense to people. This makes the employee feel that he is part of a system & community. The employee “serves” the system with his potential, manpower and experience, so to speak, and thus experiences the reflux of recognition and belonging.


Lecture: Burnout & Boreout ” Curse or Chance” ?

The following topics are presented and developed in a combination of theory and practice.

  • What is Burnout & Boreout
  • How does burnout & boreout arise – business, social issues, personal responsibility
  • How burnout works & how to recognize symptoms early on
  • Strategy ” Deal” & Energy Rules
  • The origin of the compensation strategy
  • Recognizing beliefs & own patterns
  • What to do in the spiral of exhaustion
  • Systemic consciousness work ” How do I get back in my midst”
  • Dealing within the company & measures
  • Q&A


Workshop: Burnout & Boreout – Recognizing & Taking on responsibility”

  • Burnout & boreout test to determine your own status quo
  • “Going “deeper” from loss of meaning disease to finding meaning
  • Awareness raising:
    – “Evolving” of injuries
    – Development of its own potential
    – Awareness of one’s own need
  • Development of organizational values, value conflicts & vision
  • Development of actions in the company
  • Integration in everyday life & environment
  • and much more depending on company situation & depth


Lecture duration 1.5 – 2 hours incl. Q&A + optionally accompanied by a mindfulness workshop for employees & executives.
Lecture and workshop packages include1-2 days of workshops to sensitize the topic in the teams and among the employees, to strengthen mindfulness & personal responsibility and to deal preventatively with the situation for oneself and for the company.

The lecture & workshop can be held in English, Spanish, German & French at any location worldwide ( USA, LATAM, EUROPE, ASIA) . Please contact me for further questions and workshops tailored to your needs.

Contact: Victoria Hess, mail@victoriahess.com 

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