„Tap into your higher potential ”

Our personality is shaped by what we bring into our lives, by our upbringing and our life experience. Most of the time we start from the thought: “This is the way I am!”
But when we realize that there is still a greater potential behind it, to which we can entrust ourselves, there is so much more to discover in ourselves than we probably think possible.

In intensive, deep diving coaching’s you have the opportunity to clarify your private and professional situations.

  • In which area do you want to further develop your own potential (relationship, professional, personal, social, etc.)?
  • Where do I stand, where do I want to go, what can I do.
  • Do you know where you want to go? I will help you to reach it!
  • If there is still no meaning in your life, we will find it!
  • Are there blockades, feelings or doubts? We clarify and solve them!

I will teach you how to break recurrent patterns, to get in touch with yourselves for self-reflection and help guide you to become aware of your subconscious beliefs and emotions which might preventing you from tapping into your own individual potential.

These personal clarification processes will bring you more into your true presence, your vision, into inner fulfillment, joy and into confidence.

Are you ready to creatively shape your life in harmony with your soul? Its a beautiful journey!

What happens in a systemic constellation coaching?

Behind any situation and feeling which your are experiencing is a root cause deep in the unconscious mindset. With family constellation method I bring the unconscious to the conscious.

  1. Recognizing and dissolving beliefs, patterns and fixed ideas that limit or hinder. Working with basic social psychological needs. Illuminating childhood experiences, recognizing unconscious lack and deficits and finding ways to fulfill them without compensatory behavior.
  2. Systemic clarification of family structures and release from entanglements that have an influence on today’s private and professional life. Clarification of power-victim-creator consciousness.
  3. Self-love, true self-confidence, The cycle of receiving and giving, perception training, values & hierarchy of values in the subconscious, uncovering and developing one’s own potential.
  4. Being able to listen and truly engage with others. Boundaries & freedom, own resources, inner communication of all parts/experiences, balance in life, visionary competence.
  5. Where do I want to go? What is my task? What do I want to live? Developing concepts and systemic testing of possibilities. How do I do what? How do I implement?


What personal topics can be clarified in a systemic constellation coaching session?


  • Any type of fear & anxiety: fear of failure, fear of existence, fear of loss, fear of competition, hierarchy, worthlessness, loneliness, unemployment, missing out, speaking & presenting,..
  • Any type of overcoming emotions: anger, powerlessness, helplessness, doubt, hate, stress, blockages, guilt
  • Loss of Meaning, boreout & motivation challenges, your question of meaning or the inner resignation
  • Burnout prevention or ways out of the burnout spiral
  • Your Values, value conflicts ( Conscious & unconscious)
  • Inner Beliefs who prevent you from your potential
  • Not feeling seen or appreciated
  • Situations with power abuse
  • Career development & professional change
  • Feeling under payed & abused
  • Workaholic, sportaholic, sexaholic
  • Sexual harassment
  • Consumption of stimulants
  • Media & digital dependency
  • Conflict with colleagues & team
  • Dealing with bullying & competition
  • Fear of reorganization or professional change
  • Coming-out
  • Family & Career conflicts

What leadership topics can be clarified in a coaching ?

To lead  means to serve.

The key for successful leadership is by being  “self-clarified” and very present. A leader does not abuse his power to achieve his own goals and remains clear in conflict situations and does not act out of self-protection in the first instance.

A leader which has worked through unconscious fears will not manipulate and misuse power,  will instead lead humble, with passion, values and is an example to others out of the love of his heart. This person will experience a different recognition and will experience him/her self as nourished and as fulfilled in it.

This is the difference. Ready to to become a great leader?

  • Becoming present & mindful
  • Leading with love, compassion & inspirational
  • Increasing your visionary competence 
  • Increasing Self-awareness
  • Power Play self-check: Do I subconsciously misuse power? How to use power in a positive way? 
  • Recognizing & redefining own patterns and beliefs
  • Dealing with Refusal & Fear of Failure
  • Increase Self-worth, It needs a healthy “self-worth” in order not to use others to increase its own value
  • Becoming empathetic and show feelings
  • Feeling emotions enables you to feel your employees
  • Dealing with Power & Authority
  • Fear to lead (conscious & subconscious) 
  • Dealing with conflicts of values
  • Recognizing burnout and prevention 
  • Dealing with Exhaustion & Loss of Meaning
  • Dealing with Jealousy, Competition, Manipulation & Bullying
  • Understanding the challenge of the highly intelligent
  • Healing Emotional Outburst
  • Workaholism & Addiction
  • Pressure to succeed & excessive demands
  • How to build an intrinsic motivated team
  • Diversity & Women in Leadership
  • ..and much more…

Ideally, one coaching session is 2 hours on site at the company or at jour choice in a private setting. Alternatively, you can also contact me for phone or Skype coaching. This would be especially complementary after an initial personal coaching if you need short-term support, would like feedback on experiences or are on the road and have little time.

Te individual coaching session can be held in English, Spanish, German or French.

Contact: Victoria Hess,

I look forward to talking to you!

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