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„ …Everyone said, “It will not work.” Then someone came, he did not know that and just made it.”


With many years of experience in business and marketing including success with two global startups, I would be happy to advise you on your own startup and our path to self-employment.

Consultation involves systematically examining your concerns, conflicts, potential and your business idea. Are you also the right type for self-employment? Which phases, challenges, fears & prerequisites are to be expected? Do you have a clear vision and what do you want to bring new into the world?

Lets make it happen!


Systemic Consulting & Constellations: Startup & Independence

  • Systemically analyzing the start up to find the unconscious barriers to enable success & growth
  • Systemically testing & setting up of business options, vision, ideas, partners, customers, money, employees, products & markets
  • Looking at & solving potential conflicts, fears, failures & blockages
  • Subconscious beliefs and patterns 
  • Growth cycles & hurdles in the Startup phase
  • Motives and success of the business partnership
  • Values & vision
  • How am I perceived in the market?
  • How do I want to be seen in the market?
  • Why my product?
  • Who am I, what do I do, why?
  • Walk unconditionally your way, stand by yourself and experience true recognition

… and much more!

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