About me

MBA – Management & Controlling

Master – Systemic Business & Management Coach

Certified – Family & Organizational Constellations


“Passion for the potential in people”


I was only 14 years of age when I knew that I wanted to help shape corporations. Thanks to my global upbringing, I lived all over the world and became fluent in four languages at an early age. I had the opportunity to really get to know and understand the various cultures, and what makes people tick.

I earned a degree in Business Administration and I graduated with an MBA in Germany. With my passion for people, I worked in a variety of industries, which lead me to a successful Management Consultant position that lasted 15 years in a leading global healthcare company. I learned how to deal successfully with people in businesses of foreign and mixed values in various cultures.

One day I had an awakening and the impulse to go deeper into understanding the dynamics of organizations and human behavior.  I always wondered what was behind conflicts, power games, bullying, de-motivation and burnouts in companies. I also wanted to know out what was the true key to a healthy and motivated company.

After leaving management, I took an extended sabbatical to complete an intensive 4-year training program in Germany to become an Organizational and Family Constellation facilitator. That unique training enabled me to find the root causes of situations and solve deep, unconscious, complex issues and patterns in organizations as well as in humans.

The solution is never on the problem level… It is always much deeper, in the unconscious. That’s where I come in. My work is high art. I find, very efficiently, the origin of any pain or incident which caused the problem and pattern. Only by identifying the root cause, can a situation finally be resolved and the desired goal be achieved.

My work is value-oriented with systemic family constellation methods. I analyze and solve disorders in the unconscious organizational and human body-mind-soul-system.  My focus is dedicated to the individual human & potential of organizations!

Is your company sick? …better call Vic!

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