About me

MBA – Management & Controlling

Master – Systemic Business & Management Coach

Certified – Family & Organizational Constellations


„The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why…”

Mark Twain

I was only 14 years of age when I knew I wanted to become a Management Consultant. Thanks to my global upbringing, living all over the world, I grew up surrounded by an array of different cultural influencers. I became fluent in four languages at an early age, and I had the opportunity to really get to know and understand the various cultures, and understand what makes people tick.

With my passion in mind, I earned a degree in Business Administration and graduated with an MBA. I worked in a variety of industries, and my path to management was sealed with a successful Management Consultant position that lasted 15 years in a leading global healthcare company. I learned how to deal successfully with people and with businesses of foreign and mixed values in various cultures.

One day I had an awakening. I saw the direction businesses had taken and I realized they had started on the path to destruction. They needed to get back to fundamental values! They needed to become aware of what they had changed that needed to be genuinely addressed if they wanted to thrive.

I saw more bore-outs, de-motivation and burnouts as a result of management squeezing their people for all they had as the “key value”. The basic values people had, simply diminished. They started looking at their own compensation and bonus strategies as the drivers of good works, which brought them to put their own personal monetary interest in front of the project/team/company vision.

After leaving management, I took a sabbatical to complete an intensive 3-year training program as a Systemic Organizational and Family Constellation facilitator and Coach for Higher Potential which enabled me to find the root cause of a situation and solving deep unconscious issues and patterns.

The solution is never on the problem level… It is always much deeper. And that’s where I come in.

The future of the economy depends on creativity, consciousness and passion, driven by individual and common team values and a shared vision among the team members. This is the key in reaching a higher potential and long term success.

Today I am an expert for Higher Potential Development for Individuals and Teams and a Consultant for Systemic Organizational Development.

My work is value-oriented with systemic family constellation methods. I analyze and solve disorders in the unconscious organizational system and supervise change in management processes. My focus is dedicated to the human & potential of organizations!

Is your company sick? …better call Vic!

Do you have questions about my offer or my way of working?
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