My name is Victoria Hess, I am born 1975 in Africa where I deeply connected to mother earth. Since then, I keep exploring a variety of different cultures across the world. I have lived in Kenya, Peru, Panama, Switzerland, Germany and now in the United States. Cultures, values and languages may be different, but cosmic energy algorithms and how they apply in creating feelings, emotions, resonance, patterns & any life situations are the same with humanity. 

I’m an expert and practitioner in Family Constellations which is a Systemic Energy Healing Methodology that originated in Germany. I do have a deep understanding of the human and cosmic energy algorithms. I have studied and learned the cosmic energy algorithm thru my years of training and own deep dive healing process, a decade of intense and dedicated training and work with various brilliant master teachers in the field of Family Constellation, Meditation, Focusing and Channeling. I am a high energetic person with a strong intuition and, basically, a fear finder of the subconscious, a teacher to make you understand the why, and I guide you into your own heart healing power! 

The solution to healing is to liberate, with consciousness and compassion, the pain & beliefs in the unconscious emotional body system where old subconscious pain experiences are stored and drive your beliefs & energy with intense Strategies!

I analyze and solve disorders in the unconscious organizational and human body-mind-soul-system. My focus is dedicated to the inner growth of individuals and corporations!

During coaching and workshop sessions, I bring hidden issues to the surface help you make a new choice. Sometimes there are hidden issues that are hurt or valuable personal potential. I approach people from where they are and address their daily questions and situations. In this way, I make it possible to connect mental, soul, physical and emotional issues with concrete practical solutions.

I provide a protected space for personal clarification processes and feelings. With sensitivity, clarity and a lot of warmth, in a safe space, I am there for individuals in crisis, providing orientation and reorientation for the future.

I work in a neutral, non-judgemental and appreciative way for “what is” on a deeper level.

Are you interested to find out more? Please contact me in Spanish, English, German or French about how I can help you in your personal situation!



Victoria Hess 

Since 2020  Native Healing – Family & Organizational Constellations I Coaching I Workshops –  for Individuals & Organizations

2020-2023  Focusing & Cosmic Energy Algorithms Training @ Susanne Sonnenschein Spiritual Practitioner, Germany 

2017-2020  Certified – Family & Organizational Constellations @ Silke Freudenberg Family Constellation Academy, Germany

2017  Master – Systemic Business & Management Coach @ Coaching Academy Switzerland 

2014 – 2019  Entrepreneur Tech &Travel Startup

2002 – 2016  Global Marketing Management in Pharma Cooperation in Germany, Panama, Switzerland 

2001  MBA in Management & Controlling @ the University of Applied Science in Germany  

I look forward to meeting you!


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